Bio.Box® Kitchen Food Waste Caddy with biodegradable and compostable Ecosac® GM-free Mater-Bi® cornstarch liners

Bio.Box® kitchen food waste collection caddy

The collection of kitchen food waste for composting has never been easier! The innovative Bio.Box® kitchen food waste collection caddy also uses Ecosac® biodegradable and compostable liners.

  • Breathable — naturally drives off moisture in the food waste. Our product reduces weight of contents by up to 30%.
  • Eliminates Odours — through evaporation, avoiding fermentation.
  • Clean —
    • uses breathable, strong, biodegradable-compostable Ecosac® liners.
    • eliminates wetness found inside ordinary caddies.
    • easy to use, liners held firmly in place to avoid slipping into caddy.
  • Low-Cost.
  • Sturdy — and in a range of attractive colours to suit your kitchen and household.

Food waste from the Bio.Box® caddy can be safely deposited with Ecosac® liners as part of council and other large-scale food waste collection initiatives, as appropriate. They can also be put into home composting units where they will break down naturally, leaving no contaminants.